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The following are links to a series of articles written by a variety of authors after the conclusion of the 42ndGeneral Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada 

Reflections on General Synod 2019by Stephen Andrews Principal of Wycliffe College. 19 July 2019  

Our Present Squalor: An Open letter to the Anglican Church of Canadaby Paul (H.Matthew Lee) Lay Reader in the Diocese of Niagara, Doctoral Candidate in Religious Studies at McMaster University 26 July 2019 

Walking together … to the City of Destruction: A word from the Bishop Smooth-it-away’s of the Anglican Church of Canada. By Stephen Noll a Christian Commentator 22 July 2019.  

An Appeal for Church Unity with reflections from the Parable of the Good Samaritan:  My response to General Synod.  By Rev Kyle Norman Rector All Saints Anglican Church, Ft. McMurray Diocese of Athabasca 19 July 2019.  

Vancouver Statement on General Synod 2019 & the Marriage CanonACA & Communion Partners Canada: 25 July 2019

Statement from the Arctic House of Bishops.  18 July 2019

General Synod and A Word to the Church, by Rev Kyle Norman. 12 Sept 2019