The United Nations High Commission for Refugees recently announced that the number of refugees and displaced persons in the world has surpassed 100 million people, and that this number is sadly growing. 

This summer you are invited to join the PWRDF 'Wild Ride' Initiative to raise funds to support PWRDF partners who serve refugees and displaced people.

Join others across the country as we walk, cycle, roller blade, bake, read, knit, crochet, swim, kayak, canoe, dance and sing – or pretty much any activity you would like to undertake. 

Join the St. James Helping Hands team as we walk, cycle, knit or bake - or engage in any activity you would like to undertake. To join or donate go to, select “join a team” or “donate” and select St. James Helping Hands. Put your stamp on this year’s campaign for refugees and internally displaced people!

Sign up as a participant of the team and pick the activity you would most like to do. Any type of activity is acceptable - hiking, walking, gardening, knitting etc. You can do this activity on your own or you can join a group of like-minded people within the St. James team. Support your own campaign with a personal donation or garner support from family and friends.

You can email Marlene Wiens, our St. James Parish PWRDF representative, for further information, or learn more about how to take part by watching the video below.