NEW** While the church has opened up for in-house services, not all members have come back.  Therefore, we have not yet made plans for this program to begin again for the Fall 2021 season.  First, we would like to know if there is a current interest in it.  Please email us or call the church office (see email address & phone number at the bottom of the page) if you are interested.


Would you like to come to church on Sundays and maybe bring your children to Sunday School?

BUT... do you find it difficult

- to follow the English Bible Readings during the Service?


- to understand the Sermon or Teachings given in English?  


- both?

Then you may find this helpful...

An adult only ELL / ESL Bible Study is normally held during the 10 am Service on Sundays.

Anyone interested in attending, may join the group as they leave to go up to a classroom during the regular service, just before the Sermon/Teaching.  

The Study usually ends in time to pickup your children from Sunday School and/or join the rest of the congregation in time to receive the Eucharist/Communion.

If you would like to come or have any questions, please email or call the church office at 403-239-0104.