ELL/ESL Bible Study

Would you like to come to church on Sundays and maybe bring your children to Sunday School?

BUT... do you find it difficult

- to follow the English Bible Readings during the Service?


- to understand the Sermon or Teachings given in English?  


- both?

Then you may find this helpful...

An adult only ELL / ESL Bible Study is held during the 10 am Service on Sundays.

Anyone interested in attending, may join the group as they leave to go up to a classroom during the regular service, just before the Sermon/Teaching.  

The Study usually ends in time to pickup your children from Sunday School and/or join the rest of the congregation in time to receive the Eucharist/Communion.

If you would like to come or have any questions, please email [email protected] or call the church office at 403-239-0104.