July 29, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In lieu of Tony’s words, we are including the latest words from our Bishop, Archbishop Greg Kerr-Wilson, with some news that we have all been waiting for. A copy of the Bishop’s letter, along with all the conditions and considerations involved in opening our churches in the Diocese of Calgary, is included for you to read.

As St James continues in its preparations for reopening our building - and welcoming our new Rector, please pray for discernment and inspiration; that we may do all we can to prepare and care for each and everyone in this time of transition.

As has been affirmed before, for those who initially are unable, for whatever reason, to attend ‘live’ church in person, every effort will be made to continue an online service and communication.

Now read on - and be encouraged and give thanks for God’s unfailing mercies.

The Wardens