Small Groups during Covid19

True to form, the pandemic restrictions are NOT impacting the meeting of St. James’ small groups. The leaders have managed to adapt to the new normal, in creative ways.

Most are meeting regularly using a Zoom platform - there are 7 groups still meeting, and all of them would welcome any newcomers.

In addition a NEW group is starting up April 2021 called "The Village" and more information about that can be found here.

If you would like to join one, please contact Rodger or Carol Woods,, or the church office with your inquiry. 

We are in the city and would be delighted to hear from you.

Rodger and Carol need to know:

your name, your email or phone number, what you're looking for in a group? (if you know), when you're free to meet, and anything else that might help them before they call you.

Looking forward to helping you join!

A St. James small group is a living organism of parishioners who are committed to meet regularly for study, prayer, and encouragement in their faith journeys. Why would you consider joining one? Because it can be a safe and accessible place to ask and explore the questions of life. The New Testament frequently refers to "one another" actions. A small group is an opportunity to put some of the "one another" instructions into action. Small groups of this church are completely counter-cultural as they emphasize community over individualism. This implies cost as well as benefit.