St. James Church is a community of people who are finding the reality of God in our lives. We see ourselves as regular, ordinary people, who have been attracted to the extraordinary personality and teaching of Jesus Christ. Our experience of him makes us eager to live out and share our faith. We want to learn to see all of life through the lens of Jesus's personality and teaching, and to enable others to join us in the journey.

We are part of the worldwide Anglican Church, although many of us come from a variety of Christian backgrounds or none. We place a very high value on the inspiration of the Bible to help us know what is true, and the power of God's Spirit, to heal and strengthen us to serve God in his world. At each of our Sunday morning worship services we gather around the Lord's table to worship, to sing, to learn, and to encourage one another. The services are informed by the Anglican tradition, though they range in atmosphere from formal to less formal.

Following Jesus isn't just for Sundays! Several times a month, many members of St. James get together in small groups to support and encourage one another in the Christian life. Many are also involved in sharing God's good news through practical ministries that express compassion for those in need. Others help to present the Alpha course and similar endeavours, which explain who Jesus is, and to invite others to explore what it means to follow him.

St. James is for all ages and stages of life! Whether you are just beginning to ask questions about spirituality, going through a time of transition in your life, or looking for a church home, there's a place for you here. Come and see that the Lord is good!