The Good Food Box programme is coordinated by Community Kitchen to promote healthy eating at reduced costs. Once a month Good Food Boxes of fruits and vegetables are delivered to St. James Anglican Church.  During this COVID-19 period you can place your order via eTransfer and order the Good Food Box by sending the money to  Please include, when the eTransfer method is used, in the comment section your telephone number, the size and number of boxes, and the number of adults, seniors and children living in your household. Each box contains the same mixture of produce.  The content may change with each delivery.

Deliveries can be picked up at the Church Lower Hall between 3 and 5:30 pm on the appropriate day. When you pickup your Good Food Box on Depot dates you are encouraged to have a mask, practice safe distance and follow the direction of the Depot Attenders.  We will assist to get the box you select to your vehicle.

Please see the 2022 Good Food Box subpage for order and delivery dates for this upcoming year.

Box Size lbs/Price
Small: 15-20lbs $25.00
Medium: 25-30lbs  $30.00
Large: 35-40lbs  $35.00