The Good Food Box Program, (GFB) is a great resource made available through the work of the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary. The program is available to all Albertans (it is not income dependent), and offers sustainable access to nutritious boxes of fruits and vegetables at an affordable price. The produce is sourced locally from farms and Calgary businesses, and assembled by dedicated volunteers.

Deliveries can be picked up from St. James Church between 2:30pm and 5:30 pm on the appropriate day. When you pickup your Good Food Box on Depot dates you are encouraged to have a mask, practice safe distance and follow the direction of the Depot Attenders.  We will assist to get the box you select to your vehicle.

Box Size lbs/Price  (Note the new price with an increase of  $5 per box, beginning August 2023. A letter explaining the increase is attached at the bottom of this page) 

Small: 15-20lbs $30.00
Medium: 25-30lbs  $35.00
Large: 35-40lbs  $40.00

Each Good Food Box contains a combination of fruits and vegetable. The content varies weekly, due to seasonal availability. The boxes contain the maximum produce to ensure our clients are getting the most value for the price. *Please note weights are approximate. 

How to Order Your Box:  

There are several ways to place the order.  For example:  

1.     You can prepay your order for the following month at the time when you pick up your order.

2.     You may order in person at the church by completing the order and submitting the cash in the special order envelopes.

3.     You may also place the order by eTransfer.

a.      Email the funds to

b.     Complete the comment section by including your telephone number, size box desired, and number of adults/seniors and children in the family.  (The Good Food Box organization likes to collect information on the number of families participating in the program)  

2023 Order and Pickup dates are as follows:  

Order before Noon              Pickup 2:30PM - 5:30PM

Tuesday Nov. 14                                    Wed. Nov. 22  

Tuesday Dec. 5                                       Wed. Dec. 13

2024 Order and Pickup dates are as follows:  

Tuesday Jan. 23                                      Wed. Jan. 31

Tuesday Feb. 20                                     Wed. Feb. 28

Tuesday March 12                                Wed. March 20

Tuesday April 16                                    Wed. April 24

Tuesday May 7                                       Wed. May 15

Tuesday June 4                                       Wed. June 12

Tuesday August 6                                  Wed. August 14

Tuesday Sept. 3                                      Wed. Sept. 11

Tuesday Sept. 24                                    Wed. Oct. 2   

Tuesday Oct. 22                                       Wed. Oct. 30

Tuesday Nov. 19                                      Wed. Nov 27