St. James Anglican Church is a community of people who have been drawn to the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. In Him, “we live and move and have our being” Acts 17:28.

We are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, although many of us come from a variety of Christian backgrounds or none. During our Sunday morning worship services we gather around the Lord's table to worship, sing, learn, and encourage one another. Our services draw on the ancient and contemporary liturgical traditions of Anglicanism and the wider Church.

Many people at St. James gather in small groups to support and encourage one another in the Christian life. Many are also involved in sharing Christ through compassion ministries for those in need. Others help share the faith through the Alpha course and similar endeavours that invite others to explore what it means to follow Jesus.

St. James is for all ages and stages of life! Whether you are just beginning to ask questions about spirituality, going through a time of transition in your life, or looking for a church home,  you are welcome here. Come and see that the Lord is good!


Every church reflects different facets of the Christian tradition and St. James emphasizes these characteristics in our worship.

Scriptural: we believe in the truth and authority of the Word of God today as in the past.

Liturgical: we explore the rich and various themes of the Christian year. 

Charismatic: we leave room for the Holy Spirit's direction and his word to us as individuals and as a congregation.

Traditional: our worship is based on long standing practices of Christian worship and the Anglican tradition in particular.

Contemporary: every generation expresses worship in ways that are more accessible to people in their neighbourhood.

Evangelical: we wish to bring all people the good news that God's kingdom is near.


The values noted below encompass the tradition of St. James that has been cherished for many years and continues to provide a sense of  identity for our community. While not a complete or perfect summary this statement is a good description of who we are and who we hope to become.

As we live out these foundational values, we can be a healthy church, able to share the good news of Jesus in word and deed, out of God’s love for all people.

  1. We highly value the revelation and authority of God expressed in Holy Scripture, as the basis of our community life. The historic creeds summarize our core beliefs.

  2. We desire to live out our theology in practical ways that reveal and demonstrate the historic Christian faith by:

    • Receiving the Father’s Love, and the Spirit’s empowering.

    • Experiencing the joy of repentance and forgiveness.

    • Making an initial and ongoing commitment to follow Jesus. 

    • Knowing the privilege and power of prayer.

    • Seeking God’s will for the wholeness of body, soul, and spirit.

    • Living lives of holiness.

    • Being aware of and engaging in the spiritual battle.

    • Serving God through his church and in his world. 

  3. The work of the Holy Spirit is central to our community life.

  4. Liturgy, sacrament and praise are key elements of our corporate worship.

  5. Everyone has a place to serve and to minister in the community (as well as beyond).

  6. We are a church that values small group fellowship and ministries.

  7. We believe that growing Christians need to engage in spiritual formation and discipleship.

  8. We believe in the importance of welcoming & integrating all into the community.

  9. We value mentoring others in the faith.

  10. We believe in healthy and open relationships that work towards unity in the community.