You Are Treasured!

Welcome to "Treasured VVBS" (Virtual Vacation Bible School) - where we are discovering that we are priceless to God!

Each day's adventure starts right here, so be sure to come back each day to celebrate the way God treasures each and every one of us!

Love the music? The nine songs that are part of this year's VBS have been compiled individually in this YouTube playlist.

Even though the scheduled time for VBS is complete, you can still view or revisit the sessions any time up to September 30. You can view each individually below, or binge watch using this playlist.

Have fun reviewing!

Videos are best viewed full screen, using the icon in the lower right corner of the video. If you have trouble casting the video to your TV using the browser, below each day's video is a link that will let you launch the video directly in the YouTube app on your Android device.

Day 1 - God Knows You

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Day 2 - God Hears You

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A note about the High Hertz Ear Exam during Closing Quest (at about the 48 minute mark). You may find the sounds played through an online player, like YouTube, to contain lower frequency distortion, allowing something to be heard even though the recorded frequency is above your actual hearing capacity. You may also find that YouTube employs a high-frequency cutoff lower than the fourth sound test in the video, making it inaudible even for children.
If you wish to explore this experiment without distortion, download the sound files and play them directly from your own equipment. (Please note, some earbuds and lower quality speakers may also embed lower frequency distortion.) The four sound files, plus a fifth even higher pitched sound can be downloaded here.

Day 3 - God Comforts You

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Day 4 - God Forgives You

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Day 5 - God Chooses You

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The embedded music videos and Buddy introduction videos are used with the permission of Group Publishing, Inc., Loveland, Colorado who developed this VBS program. All other videos segments were recorded locally, while observing all necessary physical distancing directives of the public health authorities of Alberta.