Small Groups

Beyond Sunday morning . . .

What? You went to the Annual Picnic and decided that maybe it would be fun to meet some of these people on a regular and more informal basis?  In a small group? Who knows where that could lead!

If you are at all interested in joining an existing group, please be in touch with Rodger or Carol Woods, by email - [email protected] or [email protected]

They know which groups are meeting, whether the group has space for new people, and can best fit you in.  

Rodger and Carol need to know:

your name, your email or phone number, what you're looking for in a group? (if you know), when you're free to meet, and anything else that might help them before they call you.

looking forward to helping you join!

A St. James small group is a living organism of parishioners who are committed to meet regularly for study, prayer, and encouragement in their faith journeys. Why would you consider joining one? Because it can be a safe and accessible place to ask and explore the questions of life. The New Testament frequently refers to "one another" actions. A small group is an opportunity to put some of the "one another" instructions into action. Small groups of this church are completely counter-cultural as they emphasize community over individualism. This implies cost as well as benefit.