Sunday Morning

We’re happy to invite you to St. James and extend a warm welcome to you. With two services offered every Sunday morning, we’re confident that you’ll find an approach to Anglican worship that will resonate with both your heart and mind. Since coming to a new place can be uncomfortable, here is some information that will help orient you to what goes on here every Sunday.

Whether you come for the 8:00am or 10:00am service, the first thing you need to do is park your car. Our parking lot has space for 28 vehicles, 4 of which are reserved for those with mobility challenges. Parking is also available on both sides of Ranchview Drive and Ranchlands Boulevard, but we ask that you avoid parking on the smaller streets off of Ranchview Drive. Once you’re parked, a walkway will lead you from the parking lot to the main entrance in the middle of the building.

When you come into the entrance hall, you’ll be welcomed by our greeters who will be happy to assist you with anything you might need. This area serves as the hub to the rest of the building.

To your right through a set of double doors is the hallway leading to Alexander Hall, classrooms, coat racks, and washrooms. The washrooms are on the left of the hallway, including one reserved for those with mobility challenges. If you’re attending the 10:00am service and have children with you, you’ll want to continue down the hall to meet Yvonne Kern, our Children’s Pastor, and find out what she’ll have ready for your kids during the service. And if you have teens with you, they’ll be dismissed after the beginning part of the service to meet with our Youth Ministry team in this area of the building.

Directly ahead of the entrance is the Nursery. This is always available as a place to bring your infant or toddler and is staffed for the 10:00am service. There are speakers in the Nursery so that you can still hear the service if you are there taking care of your child.

To your left through a set of double doors is the Sanctuary where we gather for worship. Ushers will be there to offer you a copy of our bulletin and assist you in getting ready for the service. If you come for the 8:00am service, you’ll be given two books: a burgundy copy of the Book of Common Prayer and a blue copy of the Hymnal. The priests will identify the page numbers in either book as necessary throughout the service so that you can follow along with the liturgy. If you come for the 10:00am service, everything you need to participate will be projected onto the screen mounted in the front left of the Sanctuary. If a lot of people are in attendance, there is additional seating in the Fireside Room to the left of the Sanctuary with an additional projection screen. And for those who have difficulty hearing clearly, the ushers are able to provide you with a headset to our hearing assistance system. Please note also that we try to be a scent-free area for the sake of those who are very sensitive to perfume and cologne.

The two services each have their own character. The 8:00am service has a more traditional Anglican feel to it. Using the rhythmic poetry of older English and musical chants for some parts of the liturgy, you’ll find this early service to be a quieter, more meditative time of worship. You can expect the 8:00am service to be an hour and ten minutes in length. The 10:00am service has a more contemporary feel. With modern language and a combination of both traditional hymns and new songs, this service is the larger and more lively of the two. You can expect the 10:00am service to be an hour and forty minutes long.

After both services, coffee and tea is available in the Fireside Room. You’re welcome to stay and enjoy the refreshments while meeting the priests and other members of the parish. There’s no rush, and we hope you’ll stay to enjoy the hospitality.